Kevin Zybach

Coach Kevin Zybach has been involved in sports and training for over 25 years and has trained in many different modalities to include:

-Long distance running

-Power Lifting


-Kettlebell Sport (Girevoy!)


-Training for Warriors

-Weightlifting (Snatch/Clean&Jerk)

Coach Kevin has been participating and competing in weightlifting for over 10 years,  has been been coaching Weightlifting since 2014, and is a USA Weightlifting certified coach.  Some of his Weightlifting accomplishments include:

-Master's American's champion

-Master's National champion

-Master's Pan-American champion

-3 Master's national records

He is a happily married father of 3, an 8 year U.S. Army veteran, and served as a helicopter instructor pilot while serving two 15 month tours in Iraq.

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Kyle Schulman

Coach Kyle Schulman started to love training the first time his older brother took him to the gym when he was 10 years old. Since then Kyle has not looked back. He’s used his love for the gym and training to turn himself in to an all-star high school football player, earning first team all-conference awards his junior and senior year. After high school Kyle earned a football scholarship to play at Colorado Mesa University.  Kyle’s true passion lies in strength and conditioning. Kyle enjoys teaching others that being strong can not only help with physical health, but mental health. Kyle is currently working toward a bachelor’s degree in Health and Fitness Promotion at Colorado Mesa University. Additionally, Kyle is in the process of obtaining a position on the USA’s Olympic weightlifting team. Kyle’s main strengths as a trainer are:

-General strength work

-Cardiorespiratory fitness

-Weight loss/Weight gain

-Speed training

-Plyometric training

-On field biomechanics (field/ court sport athletes).

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